Jan. 1 to June 30 - Quivira Chapter Photo Contest

30 - SFT Film - Dave Kendall “The Making of the SFT Documentary"

       2:00 p.m.  ZOOM Program - Information for ZOOM posted 3

       days prior to the program.



Feb. 2021 and On - Quivira Chapter Santa Fe Trail Passport and

                                  Site Book.  Pick up the Passport Book at your

                                  local museum or print one online.  Visit the Santa

                                  Fe Trail historic sites in the Chapter and collect

                                  all the stamps!

Feb. to Dec. - Buffalo Soldier Exhibit - Coronado Quivira Museum,

                        105 W. Lyon, Lyons, KS.  Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 am -

                        4:00 pm, Saturday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm.  Closed Sunday

                        and Monday.

9 - Pauline Sharp as Chief Lucy – 7:00 pm.  ZOOM Program -

     Information for ZOOM posted 3 days prior to the program.

     Lucy Tayiah Eads was the adopted daughter of Chief Wah-Shun-

     Gah, Principal Chief of the Kanza Tribe.  Lucy was elected the first

     woman Chief of the Kaw KAW Treaty site

MARCH 2021

1 - 5 - Read Across the Santa Fe Trail

           To Coincide with Read Across America.  For Kids & Adults

            Libraries and schools.  Visit the public libraries in McPherson,

            Rice, and Barton Counties.

20 -  Pauline Sharp as Chief Lucy - Repeat performance on Zoom -

         10:30 am - program sponsored by Women of Kansas - contact

          them for registration information or request by email here

          and we can email it back - limited to 100 registrants

APRIL 2021

17 - Jay Clark - "Buffalo Soldiers Protecting the Santa Fe Trail" - 2:00

       pm.  Barton County Historical Museum, 85 US 281, Great Bend

This will be live on ZOOM.  Zoom program information will be posted on the home page on this website at the bottom of the page and on Facebook @200thSantaFeTrailKansas approximately 3 days prior to the program.

27 - POSTPONED - Stay tuned for future announcement. Inman

       Museum Annual Meeting - Deb Goodrich speaking on the Santa

       Fe Trail - 7:00 pm.  Inman Community Center, 406 E. Center

       Street, Inman, KS

MAY 2021

15 -  The 1940 Hollywood movie, The Santa Fe Trail, will be shown at

         McPherson Opera House, 219 S. Main, McPherson, KS on

         Saturday, May 15, 2 p.m. The McPherson Opera House is a

         fabulous place to watch a movie!

         Get the best popcorn in the state! Free admission, thanks to a

         grant from McPherson County Community Foundation with

         additional funding by McPherson Convention & Visitors Bureau.

16 -   Greg Heller, Interpretative Guide and Historian, Fort Harker

         Guard House Museum, presents "Fort Harker Gateway to the

         West" with discussion of Cathay Williams.  Cathay Williams or

         "William Cathay", a female who enlisted as a male, was in the

         infantry at Fort Harker during the Cholera outbreak in 1867. -

         Coronado Quivira Museum, 105 W. Lyon St., Lyons - 2:00 pm.

JUNE 2021

3 - Main Street Sterling Summer Concert Series - Jeff Davidson's

      musical history of the Santa Fe Trail takes audiences over 800

      miles from Missouri to Santa Fe.  8:00 pm. Studio 96, 121 S.

      Broadway, Sterling, KS

4 - An Evening on the Old Salt Road - Geneseo City Museum,

      907 Silver Ave., Geneseo, KS - No cost or registration required

      Meal at 5:30 pm ( Camp stew & biscuits)(Donations accepted)

      Presentations following the meal:

            Jim Gray Commemorates the trail that connected the Smoky

            Hill Trail to Cow Creek Crossing on the Santa Fe Trail.  History

            of the trail that passed by the location of present-day

            Geneseo. Reenactors representing the hunting camp of

            Smoky Hill Thompson, (Fox Coe) a local frontiersman. 

            Kansas frontier music by Zerf (Dave Zerfas).

4 - Jim Two Crows Wallin, national award winner and freelance oral

      historian, will be telling stories of the Santa Fe Trail. 

      Performance at 3:00 pm -Brit Spaugh Zoo, 2123 Main St., Great

      Bend.  Sponsored by the Great Bend Public Library.

7 -11 -  Barton County Ride into History Camp - Learn to be a

             Historical Performer - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

             Friday evening program open to the public.  Barton County

             Historical Museum, 85 U.S. Hwy 281, Great Bend, KS.

?? -        Postponed - Stay tuned for new date

              Rice County Ride into History Camp  - Learn to be a

              Historical Performer - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

              Friday evening program open to the public.  K-State

              Research and Extension, 701 E. Main, Lyons, KS

20 - George Elmore, Chief Ranger Fort Larned National Historic Site

        will present "Hotter than Hell and 100 yards from it" or as the 

        Native Americans called the fort "That Bad Place".  Life at a 

        military post on the Santa Fe Trail including the burning of the

        10th Cavalry stables used by the buffalo soldiers at the fort. 

        Coronado Quivira Museum, 105 E. Lyon, Lyons - 2:00 pm.

 ?? -        Postponed - Stay tuned for new date

               McPherson County Ride into History Camp - Learn to be a

               Historical Performer - 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

               Friday evening program open to the public.  McPherson

               Museum, 1111 E. Kansas Ave., McPherson, KS

26 - Mountain Men on the Trail - Mountain Man Camp - 10:00 am -             4:00 pm.

       Ice Cream Social - 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

      Tom Nestor - History of the early fur trade from the Arkansas                River trade to the Rocky Mountain trade - 2:00 pm. 

      Old Mill Museum, 120 E. Mill Street, Lindsborg, KS

           Speaker, Tom Nestor -History of the early fur trade from the

           Arkansas River trade to the Rocky Mountain trade. Discussion

           of the traders out of St. Joseph and St. Louis. Joseph

           Rubidoux and Andrew Henry and William Ashley. Importance

           of the traders in the opening of the west. The Ashley/ Henry

           men as well as hands on beaver traps and weapons of the

           trade along with gear that would have been available to

           mountaineers of the 1820s

JULY 2021

3 - Sterling Kansas American Legion Parade – 200 Years on the Santa

     Fe Trail - 2:00 pm.  Going South on Broadway from Washington

     Street to Garfield Street, Sterling, KS

8 -10 - Barton County Fair - Visit the Quivira Chapter booth in the

            evenings!  Expo Complex, 9500 B-29 Way, (3 miles west of 

            Great Bend on 10th St.)

10 -      William Becknell (a/k/a Britt Colle) will perform on the

             Expo II stage at the Barton County Fair.  - 7:00 pm 

10 - 14 - Rice County 4-H Fair - Santa Fe Trail Theme, Celebration

              Centre, 1108 US Hwy 56, Lyons, KS

17 - Ellinwood's 48th After Harvest Festival and Parade, "Hittin' the

        Trail" - Starting at 10:00 am - Downtown Ellinwood

17 - McPherson County Fair Parade - Santa Fe Trail theme

        6:00 pm - Downtown Canton, KS

18 - 31 - Story Walk - Lewis and Papa - Story walk will be 24/7 for two

               weeks - Moundridge Public Library, 220 S. Christian Ave.,

               Moundridge, KS

19 - Adult Book Club - Land of Enchantment: Memoirs of Marian

       Russell Along the Santa Fe Trail - 6:30 pm - Moundridge Public

       Library, 220 S. Christian Ave., Moundridge, KS

22 - Junior Book Club - All the Stars in the Sky - 10:00 am -

        Moundridge Public Library, 220 S. Christian Ave., Moundridge

23 - 24 - Eastern McPherson County & Marion County Santa Fe Trail


               Trail Guides are available at the McPherson Museum and

               staffed locations along the 9 eastern McPherson & Marion

               County trail stops.  Use the Trail Guide to see all 9 stops. 

               Acquire stamps at each location and have it verified at a

               staffed location when complete to be entered into a

               drawing for a free meal at the 56 Family Restaurant in Galva.

23 - Speaker Leo Oliva - "What Did They Eat On The Santa Fe Trail?"

       7:00 pm - Free and open to the public without reservations

       Reception: Appetizers & Dinner & Cash bar - 5:30 - 7:00 pm -

       tickets $25. Registration is required for the reception & dinner

       only - For more information or reservations: Call the McPherson

      Museum: 620-241-8464, email: director@mcphersonmuseum.com

      1111 E. Kansas Ave., McPherson, KS24

24 - Galva events below - For more information contact

       Linda Anderson: 620-654-6534, email: boblinda@hometelco.net

24 - Galva Museum - 204 S. Main, Galva, KS - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

             Special display about the Santa Fe Trail

             Kid friendly KSHS traveling trunk about trading on the 

                   Santa Fe Trail

24 - Tom Nestor and his teepee cooking up traditional foods

        Starting at 10:00 am - 56 Family Restaurant, 220 E. US Hwy 56,


24 - Barb Bland's mural of the trail's relationship to Galva, Inside the

        56 Family Restaurant, 220 E. US Hwy 56, Galva - Open 6:00 am -

        8:00 pm.


24 - Coffee Shed inside the Woodbury Market - 305 E. US Hwy 56,

        Galva - Open for Breakfast at 7:00 am

        Root beer floats, fresh  squeezed lemonade, kettle corn -

        10:00 am - 4:00 pm

        Lunch served from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm2

24 - Events at Running Turkey Creek - a campsite on the Santa Fe

        Trail - 9:00 am - 4:00 pm - 1 mile east and 2 miles south of Galva,

        KS on 22nd Avenue, just before Iron Horse Road.  Sponsored

        by the Galva Museum and made possible with a grant from the

        McPherson County Community Foundation.

             Cheyenne Encampment - Kevin Hiebert

             Military Infantry Escort Camp - Rex and Dustin Abrahams

             Woman on the Santa Fe Trail - Emma Perera

             Cherokee Trail Connection to the Santa Fe Trail - Brian Stucky

             Empire Cemetery - 9:00 am - Noon - 1/2 mile south of other

                  events - Don & Sandra Unruh - Early day settlers of Empire

                  & Galva, KS

24 - Canton & French Franks' events below - For more information 

       contact Kim Witt: 214-679-9018, email: jkcrwitt@aol.com

24 - Canton Township Carnegie Library - Tales of the Trail & 

        refreshments - 10:00 am - 3:00 pm - 203 N. Main, Canton, KS

24 - Reenactments of Ed Miller at Jones Cemetery - Ed Miller's Grave

        from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - 2 miles east of Canton, KS on Hwy 56

        and approx 1 mile north

24 - French Franks' Ranche - Guided Walking Tours at 1:00 pm and

       again at 2:00 pm - Marion County on 240th Road, 1/10 mile west

       of Chisholm Trail Road.  Enter at the green gates and follow the 

       lane north past the containers.

24 - See other Photo Stops along the Santa Fe Trail.

             DAR marker - .7 miles South of Canton on 27th Ave

             Santa Fe & Chisholm Trail marker - 3 miles east of Canton on

                  Hwy 56 and turn north on 30th/Meridian at the county line

             French Franks' Trail segment and markers - 245th Road 

                   between Bison and Chisholm Trail Roads in Marion Co.


2 - 3 - The American Solar Challenge is a multi-day, cross-country

           event open to collegiate solar car teams from countries all

           over the world.  McPherson is a stage point and teams will

           arrive in McPherson on August 3 some time after 2:00 pm, stay

           overnight, and leave on the morning of August 4.  During the

           afternoon and evening of Aug. 3 and the morning of Aug. 4,

           the public can view the cars, talk to the drivers and crews, and

           participate in local activities.  -

           Midway Motors Auto Dealership is partnering with the 

           Quivira Chapter in hosting the stage stop in McPherson.  The

           cars will start leaving at 10:00 am and will travel through

           Lyons and Great Bend following the Santa Fe Trail to Santa

           Fe.  Midway Motors, 2045 E. Kansas, McPherson, KS    

14 - Little Arkansas Rendezvous - Experience life on the Santa Fe

       Trail! -10:00 am - 4:00 pm - Programs throughout the day. 

            Visitors will enjoy activities at and near the Little Arkansas

            crossing area.

           Swanson's Swales - See a mule team and wagon presented by

             George Weber queuing up for crossing the Little Arkansas

             River.  Learn how the wagons were hitched and the work it

             took to make a river crossing.

           Camp Grierson/Station Little Arkansas - Buffalo Soldiers Camp

              See and hear about life on the Trail as a Buffalo Soldier.

              The Wichita Buffalo Soldiers will set up camp at Camp

              Grierson, also know as Station Little Arkansas.  The unit

              concentrates on historically correct encampments which are

              used to educate the public about buffalo soldiers.  These

              buffalo soldiers represent the U.S. 10th Cavalry, Company A,

              as they would have appeared in post-Civil War era.  They

              wear authentic uniforms and use genuine McClellan

              saddles and tack.

           Fry Ruts - Experience Native American life along the Trail and

               and the impact it had when Trail travelers and Native

               Americans crossed paths.  The Wichita Inter-Tribal Warrior

               Society works to promote and keep the culture of the 

               Native Americans.

            Fry Ruts - 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. Country Boys Carriage will be on

                hand with their  wagon and team to give free wagon rides

                in the Santa Fe Trail Ruts.

            Stone Corral - Learn about the Little Arkansas Ranch and the

                Stone Corral trade stop on the Santa Fe Trail.

             Little Arkansas River Crossing - Drive down to where the one

                of the trail crossings went across the river including the 

                cut downs in the river bank and the stone pile which

                supported the bridge built across the river in 1858.

            Have lunch on the Santa Fe Trail! Food will be available for

            Purchase.  Doris J Green Chili Company will be on site of

            Swanson's Swales.

            Free ice cream provided by the Quivira Chapter till it runs out

            beginning at 1:00 pm.

            Bring your lawn chairs and make a day of it!


            Swanson's Swales are 4 1/4 miles south of Hwy 56 on Plum St.

            /St./31st Road (on the Rice/McPherson County line) and

            1/4 mile west.

            Other locations are 5 miles south of Hwy 56 on Plum St./31st

             Road (on the Rice/McPherson County line) start from 3/4

             mile west on Avenue P and continue another 1 mile west. 


28 - Empire Days – Infantry Soldier of the 1860's - Rex Abrahams -

       1:00 pm - Galva Fire Station, 300 S. Main, Galva, KS


4 - 6  The Santa Fe Trail BAK Bicycle Rally will take place in Great

          Bend, KS over Labor Day Weekend - Each day cyclists will

          enjoy a different looped tour route starting and ending in 

          Great Bend.  In addition to the many attractions in Great Bend

          Bend, participants will visit Pawnee Rock, Historic Fort Larned,

          the Santa Fe Trail Center, Hudson, Sterling, Ellinwood, and 

          other points of interest.  Visit the BAK website for all details

          and event registration.  BAK.ORG

17 - 19 - Great Bend Airfest - Daily at the Great Bend Airport

18 - 19 - Quivira Chapter of the Santa Fe Trail Booth at the

                  Kansas State Fair in the OZ Building  

                  9:00 am - 6:00 pm - Saturday and Sunday

                  Hutchinson, KS

26 - Dedication of Plum Buttes Massacre Memorial -

           4:00 pm - Dedication of Plum Buttes Massacre Memorial

           followed by a hot dog supper sponsored by Rice County

           Tourism and Sonic of Lyons 

           Approximately 7:45 +- See the Sunset at Gunsight Notch from

           Ralph's Ruts (weather permitting)

           Hosted by the Hathaway/Kern Family and the Quivira Chapter

           of the Santa Fe Trail Association.

           Ralph's Ruts are 4 miles west of Chase, KS on Highway 56 and 

           then 3/4 mile north on 4th Road.


2 - 3 - Mountain Man Rendezvous - Daily - Maxwell Wildlife Refuge,

           2565 Pueblo Road, Canton, KS

5 -  Inman Museum Annual Meeting - Desert bar at 6:30 pm - 

      Business meeting at 7:00 pm - Program:  Deb Goodrich speaking

      on the Santa Fe Trail at 7:30 pm - Inman Community Center, 406 

      E.  Center Street, Inman, KS

17 - Tales from the Trail and the Beyond - Robert Yarmer - 2:00 pm

        Ellinwood Senior Center, 103 N. Main, Ellinwood, KS


19 - Road of Conquest: Another View of the Santa Fe Trail - Dr. Leo

        Oliva - 7:00 pm - Barton County Museum, Great Bend, KS

21 - Road of Conquest: Another View of the Santa Fe Trail - Dr. Leo

        Oliva - 7:00 pm - Goessel City Building, Goessel, KS1

23 - Rededication of the Cow Creek Crossing/Buffalo Bill's Well DAR

       Marker by the Flores del Sol chapter of the Daughters of the

       American Revolution.  Two miles west of Lyons, KS on Highway

       56 and 1 mile south on 12th Avenue by the intersection with

       Avenue N.  Time:  1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

25 - A Historical Presentation on Marion Sloan Russell - Anna Smith -

        7:00 pm - Galva Community Room, Galva, KS


15 - Rice County Historical Society Annual Meeting - Program - 

        Mapping the Santa Fe Trail via a Drone - Joseph Kern -

         9:00 AM (Morning Program) - Coronado Quivira Museum

         105 West Lyon, Lyons, KS - RSVP by Nov. 12 to 620-257-3941

          or email:  adminassist@cqmuseum.org


For More information on the Quivira Santa Fe Trail Activities: